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Hi, I’m Jon Brothwell, the Optometrist and owner of Pybus Opticians in Canterbury. I took over here... read more

OCT Eye Scans are now available at Pybus Opticians

OCT Eye Scan Canterbury Kent

Seeing beneath the surface is essential to the health of your eyes. Pybus Opticians are the first... read more

3 TOP reasons why you should choose Pybus, the independent opticians in Canterbury:

Better Service

Here at Pybus Opticians, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every customer receives the best possible service every time. We will spend the time with you to fully understand your eye care needs, starting with our thorough 30 minute eye examination

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Consistent Care

If you like to know who will be caring for your eyes, then Pybus Opticians is the perfect place for you. Unlike some large, multiple opticians where you will often be seen by different people

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Support Local

And if nothing else, then choose independent and help Canterbury's local economy! Did you know that for every £1 spent with a local, independent business, between 50p-70p circulates back into that local economy

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Focus Up Close, Far Away and In-Between

Keeping Kids’ Eyes Healthy

Childrens Eye Test Canterbury Kent

It’s Fr-eye-day!!

Eat Right for Good Sight

National Eye Health Week

Introducing the NEW Essilor X-Series Lenses – now available at Pybus Opticians in Canterbury

It’s almost back to school time! Have you checked your childrens eyes yet?

Is your child starting school in September? Have they ever had their eyes tested?

Why you should choose Serengeti sunglasses

Protect your children’s eyes this summer!


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