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Focus Up Close, Far Away and In-Between

Once we reach age 40 to 45, our eyes lose the ability to focus on objects that are up close—especially in low-light situations, such as reading a menu in a restaurant. This condition is called “presbyopia” and it affects everyone.



With Balanced Progressive™ Technology, CooperVision® Biofinity® multifocal contact lenses allow you to see near and far objects, along with everything in-between—all with the clarity and comfort you deserve.

Thanks to their exclusive Aquaform® Technology, Biofinity multifocal lenses allow plenty of oxygen to pass through to your eyes. And their natural wettability won’t rinse off. You’ll enjoy excellent vision with a soft, comfortable lens that’s healthier for your eyes.

So, if you’re over 40, why pull out your reading glasses or let traditional bifocal glasses slow you down? Biofinity multifocal contacts offer a clear (and comforting) advantage.

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