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Introducing the NEW Essilor X-Series Lenses – now available at Pybus Opticians in Canterbury

Varilux X series is the first varifocal lens to dramatically reduce the need for head movement, to ensure that your vision is as natural as possible for every day activities within arm’s reach and beyond.

Your posture and the way you look at things up close have changed. You’re now drinking coffee while texting the kids, sending an email via a tablet on the train or checking your social news feed every other hour. In short, everything that matters today happens within arm’s reach.

No varifocal lens had been designed to accommodate these modern day behaviours, until now. We are very excited to be able to offer the brand new Varilux X series lens – the first varifocal lens that dramatically reduces the need for head movement, allowing you to see clearly at all distances.

And what’s more, Essilor are so confident that you will love your Varilux X series lenses that they have added it to their Varilux adaptation guarantee. This means in the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your Varilux lenses in the first 60 days, we will replace them free of charge with a suitable alternative.

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