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Children’s Eye Test – Easter

What could be more precious than your kids’ eyesight?

It is just as important for children to have a regular eye examination, as it is that they see the dentist regularly.

It is often difficult to tell whether your child has vision problems, especially as they don’t often report it themselves. In fact, they probably don’t even realise anything is actually wrong!

There are some things that you as parents can look out for:

• Getting too close to their favourite TV programme

• Closing one eye when trying to focus

• Always rubbing their eyes

• One eye turning in, out, up or down

• Falling behind at school

But remember, eyes tests for children are FREE*, so don’t wait for there to be a problem, book an appointment this Easter holidays at Pybus Opticians in Canterbury!

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*Eye tests for children under the age of 16 (or under 18 if they are in full time education) are funded by the NHS.