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Diabetes awareness week

Diabetes is a leading cause of preventable sight loss in the UK. You can prevent sight loss.

Keep your eyes healthy by taking these steps:

  • Get your eyes screened
  • Spot changes to your eyesight
  • Know your blood sugar levels
  • Know your blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices

Get your eyes screened

Eye screening is a way of spotting eye problems before you notice any changes to your sight. Serious eye complications is called diabetic retinopathy. And this can be quite advanced before it starts affecting your sight, so getting them screened every year is essential. That way, you can get the right treatment in time.

Don’t ever skip an eye screening appointment – you’re putting yourself at risk.

Look out for any changes to your eyesight

You might not have any symptoms of retinopathy before it starts to affect your sight. Remember, the most important thing you can do is go to your eye screening appointments.

But some people do notice changes to their vision. These won’t be the same for everyone, but here are some of the early signs:

seeing floaters – these look like whispy clouds, floating in and out of your vision
dimmer vision – like you’re wearing sunglasses all the time
struggling to see when it’s dark.

If you notice any changes, or you’re struggling to see as clearly as normal, make an appointment with your doctor straight away. Don’t wait until your next screening.

Know your blood sugar levels

Consistently high blood sugar levels make you more at risk of diabetes complications, including serious eye problems.

Your healthcare team should help you set your targets. The closer you get, the lower your risk of developing eye problems.

Keep on top of your cholesterol and blood pressure

High blood pressure and a lot of fat in your blood (called cholesterol) will increase your chances of getting eye problems. This is because your blood vessels can get damaged or blocked, so the blood can’t move around your eye properly.

We have advice and information to help you manage your blood pressure and cholesterol. Your healthcare team will also be able to support you with this.
Eat a healthy diet, get more active and give up smoking

We know all these things are good for us – but it’s especially important for you as it helps keep your blood sugars in your target range. But why does being healthy make a difference? Well, there’s lots of evidence that shows eating certain foods can help with blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol. And that’s what you need to help reduce your risk of complications.

If you are worried or are in need of a checkup, please do not hesitate to get in touch and book an appointment!