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Why you should choose Serengeti sunglasses

Serengeti sunglasses are renowned as the World’s finest driving glasses and here are just some of the reasons why:

They use Photochromic technology, which means they:

Are activated by UV Light: Serengeti lenses react to UV light by gradually adjusting to the changing light, so the eyes stay relaxed.

Adapt to Light: Darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions, photochromic technology means your eyes will adapt at any light, anywhere.

Ensure you can see every detail: Photochromic lenses allow the eye to experience enhanced contrast and to discern shapes and colours more quickly – eliminating eye strain.

Are trusted by drivers: These adaptable lenses are the preferred choice by drivers and pilots.



They are Polarized, which means they:

Stop all types of glare: Serengeti polarized lenses eliminate all four types of glare: glare caused by car headlights or reflections, everyday outdoor conditions, extensive intense light and glare bouncing off smooth horizontal surfaces like water and snow.

Are like a venetian blind for the eye: When glare strikes, these lenses react like a microscopic venetian blind, adjusting to allow just the right amount of light in.

Help you to experience absolute clarity: While not every sunglass wearer requires polarization, this technology is integrated into many of Serengeti lenses to create a clearer and more comfortable viewing experience.

Are ideal for high glare activities: Ideal for driving and other high glare activities, especially in and around water.

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